• Erica James

From Small Town VT to Big City LA

I have dreamed of moving to the big #city since I was just 12 years old. I wanted it so bad, there wasn't a day that passed I didn't think about my future in #Hollywood. Of course, the way you plan on everything happening, isn't always how it all goes down. And I have learned to come to terms with that. Life would be too easy if every #direction you went turned out to be the right one. That wouldn't be much fun, now would it?! Nothing worth fighting for is ever going to be easy. I mean think about it, all of the biggest #challenges we face in our lives, the biggest #decisions we've ever had to make were because we worked so hard to reach that point in our life. This only makes us a better, #stronger person. At least, I know it did me!

I took a lot of detours along the way, from friendships that I thought would last forever, boyfriends that weren’t good for me, jobs that I was miserable at (because I wasn’t doing what I love), and places I went that weren’t where I really wanted to be. But I knew that I would end up here. I saw it in my mind everyday. It didn’t matter how I got here, or how long it would take because I painted that #vision of being in the big city and #pursuing my dream. It was all about the journey for me, and it still is. I know that the destination is going to be a beautiful place, but I am beginning to realize now, more than ever, that the journey is already beautiful. The #journey is what it’s all about.

All of the people you meet, the jobs you get, the places you go, it’s all for a reason. And eventually that reason will become clear and it will lead you to your destination. No matter if you choose to believe it or not, no matter how hard your life may be right at this very moment. Just remember, that no storm can last forever. You will get through it. I tell myself this every day. What you are going through right now is just temporary and when you reach your final #destination, when your dreams finally come to pass you will look back and realize that it was worth every single second. Sure, life may have tried to throw me off course a couple of times, but I got right back on that track because I know what I really want. That every moment is just #preparing me for where I'm going and who I'm going to become.

I have only been here for 9 months, which actually seems crazy to me. It seems crazy because making a move all the way across the #country with my boyfriend to fulfill my dreams has already been one of the biggest #steps to my #future. Having the #courage and the #bravery to leave family and friends and move out here to a big city we only visited once before, is in itself, the biggest step I could have made for my future. We could have prepared better, and we could have saved more money, but we learned to #trust the #process. I believed in myself, I believed that this dream was placed in my #heart for a reason and I strongly #believe that everything will work out exactly how it is supposed to!

It's okay to be scared, but there is no time for fear, or doubts. We are all born with the #power to control our #destiny! So, here I am. Finally in #LA. I always knew this is where I was supposed to be, where I was born to be! I wake up every morning blessed that I already made it this far. I am hitting the ground running and working hard to make my dreams a reality and I will continue to do that because I love this life. This is what I want more than anything. So let me tell you something, guys. If you have a #dream in your heart, no matter what it is, no matter how big it may be... #followyourheart <3